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Over the past decade, several well-established social work school schools have ​started offering online or hybrid MSW degrees. According to the United States ​Bureau of Statistics, the demand for social workers is projected to grow to over 7% ​(over 63k jobs per year) over the next 10 years. Consequently, we believe the field is ​poised to undergo a major change as students will require supervised clinical ​experience.

The Council on Social Work Education requires 900 hours of field-supervised ​education. iSocialWork is interested in enhancing the social work field placement ​and technology to meet the growing demand.

We increasingly see the need to leverage technology to deliver quality behavioral ​health care. Matching students with clinical social work field supervisors within this ​new paradigm requires bidirectional learning and technological solutions.

This effort is not bound by the state or region; rather, it is the clinical expertise and ​student experience that is at the forefront. Match with field supervisor within the ​industry of interest, integrated learning experience, and learning aimed at meeting ​the needs of the educational requirements.

"Lifelong learning is critical to success.

We upskill to get better at what we do."

The Future of social Work

Cutting edge Field ​Supervisors

Match with a field supervisor ​who has the correct ​credentials to provide ​supervision while doing ​clinical field work

Enhance ​Technology ​solutions

Using recent AI ​enhancements, we ​leverage clinical learning, ​telehealth, and patient-​reported outcomes to ​provide a rich experience ​aimed at developing ​students

Integrated & ​Seamless clinical ​interface

The student and the field ​supervisor use interactive ​learning systems and ​technology to generalize ​skills

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